Overview of group billing

If you want to get a discount by centralizing payments and pay for many users (i.e. many seats), you will want to form a billing group. The discounted rate is applied to all users after the 5th one (see our pricing page).

Which payment methods do you accept for group billing?

Both monthly and yearly subscriptions are available, but we accept payment only via a credit card on the monthly subscription.

  • 💳 Credit card: you have the option to pay monthly or yearly, using automatic payments.
  • 🏦 Bank transfers: you have to pay yearly (upfront).

How to create a group?

If you plan to use a credit card as the payment method, you can create the group yourself. 

If you want to use bank transfers or if you prefer that we create the group for you, contact us at info@dilato.app with the names and email addresses of members you wish to be in your group. We'll take care setting up the group for you.

What if I need to add or remove a user in the middle of the billing cycle?

Our automatic payment system uses day-to-day  proration, so you only pay for the period each user is active. 🙂
You pay at the beginning of the billing cycle for all members (every month or every year).
If you add a user in the middle of the billing period, you will only be billed 50% of the rate for that user. You will not be billed immediately, but only on the next scheduled invoice, after the current billing cycle. Althought, if you add many users and the amount exceeds a certain threshold, you may be charged before the end of the billing period. Here is how to add a user to your group.
If you remove a user from the group during the billing period, you will be credited for the unused period. The credit will appear on the next scheduled invoice (monthly or yearly).
In short, you can add and remove users whenever you want. And you only pay for the time each user has been in the group.

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