Buttons are interactive elements within templates that turn into text when clicked.

Using Buttons

You can learn to use buttons on this interactive template (it's on a web page).

Below is an overview of buttons' capabilities when filling a template:

  1. Click to turn a button into text.

  1. Right-click to turn a button's text negative (or with Alt+Click on Windows and ⌥Click on Mac):

  1. A button can contain many choices. Selecting one choice makes the others disappear:

  1. A dropdown can be attached to a button when there are more than a few options. Press '⋯' to view and select in the dropdown:

  1. After pressing a button, you can still change your choice by clicking the blue text.

(Additionaly, you can open the other choices by moving your text cursor in the blue text and using Alt+↓ on Windows or ⌥↓ on Mac.)

  1. Select many choices by holding the Ctrl key on Windows or ⌘ key on Mac:

(Releasing the Ctrl or ⌘ key will turn your selections into text.)

Adding Buttons

Incorporating buttons into your templates is straightforward.

In the editor, press the button icon in the toolbar:

The button will be added at the cursor location, where you can enter the button's text. Press the Enter key to add another option.

Alternatively, you can select text and press the button icon to convert it into a button.

When the selected text includes commas, they act as separators, creating a button with multiple options.

When the selection spans multiple lines of text, a button will be created on each line:

Right-click on a button to open the context menu and perform more actions.


  1. You don't need to capitalize the first letter of a button when it's at the beginning of a line. Dilato automatically capitalizes the first letter of all lines in the final note. This is handy when negating a button, as 'fatigue' will turn into either 'Fatigue' or 'No fatigue'.
  2. Buttons can't hold a label, contrary to fields. This means that converting a field with a label to a button will remove that label.
  3. If you wish to convert existing checkboxes or dropdowns to buttons, read the 'Converting elements' help page.
  4. Clickable texts can be attached to buttons. Read the 'Clickable Text' page.

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