Shortcuts not working on Windows

If you're using Dilato on Windows and you can't make any shortcut work, you can try these in order for your shortcuts to work properly.

1. Make sure  shortcuts are enabled in the settings.

2. If shortcuts are already enabled, try switching them off, then on again. Check if shortcuts are working.

3.  Restart your computer. Check if shortcuts are working.

4. Make sure you don't have 2 Dilato apps open at the same time on your device (like a Dilato app opened locally and another one opened in a virtual session.)

5. Make sure you don't use another application that uses global shortcuts.

6. Check if your version of Windows needs any updates. If so,  update Windows.

7. Check if your anti-virus software may be blocking Dilato shortcuts.

If shortcuts are still not working after these steps, contact us at

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