Template not inserted into EMR

There are 2 main causes for a note not being inserted into your EMR after clicking on "Insert". The solutions you should try depends on whether the issue happens only sometimes, or if notes are never inserted in the EMR.

My notes are sometimes not inserted

It may happen sometimes that your note isn't inserted into the EMR. The main cause for that to happen is that the cursor wasn't positioned properly.

When you hit "Insert", if the cursor wasn't placed at the position where you intend your note to be pasted into the EMR, Dilato won't know where to insert that note.

To avoid that your note is not being pasted, make sure the cursor is in the right field in your EMR before you select your templates from the template list. Another way to be sure the cursor is right where it needs to be is to use  Shortcuts to trigger templates.

At other times, you may have placed the cursor at the right position in the EMR, but the cursor was moved or it lost focus before you tried sending your note. To prevent this from happening, try to limit switching from app to app while using a Dilato template.

But wait! 😲 Dilato always copies your note into the system clipboard, so you can quickly recover your note. That way, when a note isn't inserted as expected in your EMR, you don't have to make your note all over again. To recover the most recent note from the clipboard, do the following:

  • In the EMR, click at the desired position you wish to insert your note.
  • Paste using Cmd + V on Mac or Ctrl + V on Windows. Another way is to right-click and select Paste. 😉

My notes are never inserted

The most common cause of this, if you're using Dilato on Mac, is that you didn't enable Dilato Accessibility permission. Giving this authorization will allow Dilato to insert your notes to your EMR.

If giving Accessibility permission doesn't fix the problem, try unchecking and rechecking accessibility to Dilato. Then quit Dilato and reopen it. It should work fine.

If it still doesn't work, try to restart your computer.

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