Proxy parameters for organizations

⚠️ The following is intended for IT departments ⚠️

Read this if your organization needs a proxy to allow Dilato to connect to the internet. You may want to install Dilato with GPO before dealing with a proxy.

There are 2 methods you can use to enter proxy parameters.

Propagate the proxy parameters from a file using GPO

If Dilato is installed on many devices or for many users, you will want to propagate the proxy parameters with GPO to avoid entering parameters for each device or user profile.

This is done by creating a text file InfoProxy.txt which will contain the proxy parameters.

This is the format of the file:











The InfoProxy.txt file must then be inserted at this exact location for the app to find it: 

This can be done using GPO.

When the InfoProxy.txt file is in the proper location, the user can open Dilato, log in and the connexion should work as expected.

If the connexion fails, the most likely reason is that the proxy parameters are incorrect. Other reasons could be that a firewall or antivirus disallows Dilato from connecting to our web servers.

This proxy method is the one by default when the app is installed. If the file is empty or doesn't exist, then no proxy parameters are used.

Enter proxy parameters in the app

This method is used to allow a single or a few users to use Dilato with proxy parameters.

After downloading and installing the app, open Dilato, then click on the cog icon:

Go to the Proxy section, click Edit, then change proxy type to "HTTP".

Enter the correct proxy parameters. Note that if Username and Password are needed, they should be from an Admin.

Press Apply and restart and try to log in with a Dilato username and password. 

If the connexion fails, the most likely reason is that the proxy parameters are incorrect. Other reasons could be that a firewall or antivirus disallows Dilato from connecting to our web servers.

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