Install with GPO for organizations

⚠️ The following is intended for IT departments ⚠️

If you need to install Dilato on many devices using Windows Server, we can provide you with a .msi file.

First, contact us at to be whitelisted, and tell us in what clinic, hospital, or organization you intend to deploy Dilato.

Then, you will be able to download the latest version of Dilato here:

Here are instructions from Microsoft on how to install remotely through GPO.

If your organization requires a proxy to enable connection to Dilato, we have instructions on how to enter proxy parameters into Dilato.

A version of Dilato that has been installed through GPO will not update itself automatically. You need to manually update the app by downloading again the latest release here We recommend that you update the Dilato version every month to make sure your users get the latest features and fixes.

Every Dilato release has a set expiry date, which is around 3 months after the release date. We will automatically notify you by email 14 days prior to the expiry date if you did not update the app. We will keep sending notification emails until you download a newer version. If you don't update the app on time, the Dilato app will stop working for your users on the expiry date.

Contact us if you need any help at

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