Opening a template

There are 3 different ways you can launch a Dilato template.

1. Ctrl + Space (recommended)

From a text field in any application on your computer, press the Ctrl + Space hotkey on Windows or ⌥  + Space on Mac. This will open the template list:

To quickly find templates, you can use the search field or just select a folder in the left column. Click on any template to open it.
Before using the Ctrl+Space hotkey, you must first make sure your  text cursor is positioned in the note area in your EMR (inside the text field where you want Dilato to insert the note). Otherwise, your note may not be inserted in the EMR.

2. Shortcuts (the fastest way)

From any application, type the shortcut assigned to the template you want to open.

3. "Use this template" button (from the editor window)

This way of opening a template is recommended for new users who are not used to shortcuts and hotkeys.

When you're in the editor window (the main window in Dilato), you can quickly open a template with the "Use this template" button, in the upper right corner.

This method is convenient when you want to quickly test the template you're currently editing or when you're exploring templates in our library.
Note: You will notice the "Insert" button will be disabled when using this method. This is because it's not possible to insert a note directly into other applications when opening a template with the "Use this template" button. You'll have the option to copy the note to the clipboard, so that you can manually paste that note in your EMR.

Template popup

The template will open in a popup window:

You can fill in the fields and add text. Almost all pieces of text are editable, like a text document.
*Note: templates that do not contain fields will skip the popup window. The note will either be inserted directly or copied to the clipboard.

Next step: learn how to paste the note to the EMR.

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