What are shortcuts ⚡️ in Dilato?

A shortcut is a keyword you type anywhere on your computer to open a Dilato template. Dilato detects when you type a shortcut and opens its corresponding template.

Using a shortcut is a magic word to call a Dilato template from any applications. 

You can use shortcuts directly from your EMR. Dilato will insert the note right where you typed the shortcut.

Dilato shortcuts work from any applications on your computer. (desktop app only)

Assign a shortcut

Every template can have its own shortcut. You can personalize your shortcut, but ensure you select a word that you wouldn't accidentally type during regular typing.

To assign a shortcut to a template, open Dilato and select a template. You can type it in the "Shortcut" field:

Use a shortcut

With shortcuts, there is no need to switch from your EMR to another window or use the search window (Ctrl+Space) to get to a template. You can  trigger a template directly from your EMR. In fact, you can type your shortcut in just about any app on your computer 😀. Dilato will detect the shortcut, and open its corresponding template.

Here is how to open a template from a shortcut:

  • Open your EMR.
  • Place the cursor at the location where you want Dilato to insert your note (like in the "Clinical note" field of your EMR).
  • Type the shortcut of the desired template, like wristexam.
  • The template will instantly open on your screen!

*Note for Mac users: you need to authorize accessibility to Dilato in the Mac System Preferences in order for shortcuts to work. 

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