What are shortcuts ⚡️ in Dilato?

A shortcut is a keyword you type anywhere on your computer to open a Dilato template. Dilato detects when you type a shortcut and triggers its corresponding template.

Using a shortcut is a quick link to call a Dilato template from any applications. 

You can use shortcuts directly in your EMR. Dilato will insert the note right where the shortcut was typed.

Assign a shortcut

Every template can have its own shortcut. You can customize your shortcut, but it must be unique.

To assign a shortcut to a template, open Dilato and select a template. You can type it in the "Shortcut" field:

Use a shortcut

With shortcuts, there is no need to switch from your EMR to another window or use the search window (Ctrl+Space) to get to a template. You can  trigger a template directly from your EMR. In fact, you can type your shortcut in just about any app on your computer 😀. Dilato will detect the shortcut, and open its corresponding template.

Here is how to open a template from a shortcut:

  • Open your EMR.
  • Place the cursor at the location where you want Dilato to insert your note (like in the "Clinical note" field of your EMR).
  • Type the shortcut of the desired template, like wristexam.
  • The template will instantly open on your screen!

*Note for Mac users: you need to authorize accessibility to Dilato in the Mac System Preferences in order for shortcuts to work. 

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