AI commands

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new feature: Dilato AI! This beta feature empowers you to request context-sensitive suggestions from artificial intelligence (AI) based on the template you are working with.

Dilato offers 4 commands you can use to generate content with the help of AI.

Please read the Dilato AI Terms of Use.

Note: Dilato AI outputs may contain errors, so we strongly encourage a thorough review of all generated content.

Generate Symptoms

Outputs a list of symptoms that are important to assess during an HPI. Just check or negate the symptoms you find relevant in your evaluation.

Generate Summary

Outputs a sentence with the key findings in your notes. Useful when you need to gather your thoughts or write a summary in the assessement section.

Generate Differential

Outputs a list of possible diagnoses to consider based on your above note. This can act as a security net to make sure you don't forget any important diagnosis.

Generate Plan

Outputs a list of treatments and recommandations for the plan section. Handy to quickly come up with a thorough plan.

How to use Dilato AI commands

The AI commands are currently only available when filling a template (not creating templates).

To use one of the AI commands:

  1. Open any template (you can do this from a shortcut or from the "Use this template" button).
  2. Place the text cursor where you want the generated content to be inserted.
  3. Locate the AI Commands button 💡 in the toolbar and select one of the AI commands (or press Ctrl+J on Windows, ⌘J on Mac).
  1. Wait for Dilato AI to generate the content.
  2. Select the relevant elements from the generated content.

Dilato AI will process all text above the cursor in your template to generate an output that's specific to your patient.

More on Dilato AI to come! We're just getting started with AI. Please help us by sharing feedback.

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