Sharing templates

How to share a template

You can share your templates  with a link. By sending the link to your friends, they will be able to view your template on a web page. They can't edit it, but they will be able to make their own copy of the template that they can modify.

1. In the editor, open the template you wish to share, then press the " Share" button.

2. Press on " Turn on link sharing".

3. Click the copy icon next to the link.

4. Send the link to your friends in emails, text messages, or social media. To paste the link, press Ctrl+V on Windows or ⌘+V on Mac.

5. By clicking on the link, your friends will be able to view your template on a web page (they can't edit it). You can also paste the link in your browser to preview what your friends will see.

How to use a template shared by another user

When someone shares a template link with you, you will be able to view it on a web page and make your own copy of that template that you can customize to fit your needs.

1. Click on the link that was shared with you (or highlight the link, copy it, then paste it into the address bar of your browser).

2. A web page will open the template. Press "Add to My Dilato" to make your own copy of this template.

3. Allow Dilato to open. Note that if Dilato has not yet been installed on your computer, the application will be installed first.

4. The template will open in the Dilato app so that you can customize it the way you want. This version of the template does not sync anymore with the original version of the author.

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