Adding an Annotation

You can think of an annotation as a personal note inside a template.

An Annotation is a bunch of text that is only visible in Dilato. Dilato will not send annotations to the EMR with the note.

To make them easy to spot, we made annotations with a beige background.

Frequent use cases of annotations

  • Reminders or hints:

  • Website links for useful resources related to their template:

  • Pieces of knowledge you whish to quickly have access to:

  • And emojis to cheer up your day!

Adding an annotation to a template

To add an annotation to a template, simply select (highlight) the text you wish to turn into an annotation, then click the annotation button:

It's similar to applying "bold" or "italic" format to a text in a document.

When you start using annotations, you realize how powerful they are, and you quickly wonder why you didn't use them before! 🔥

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