Library of premade templates

You feel like you're not ready to build templates yourself? No problem! Check out our library of premade templates, where you'll find hundreds of templates, ready to be used. It is the best way to get started using clinical note templates. While exploring the library, you'll find many interesting templates that could be useful in your practice.

To explore the built-in templates, open the app, then click on the Library icon:

What's great about this library is you can copy the templates you like into your own to customize them. The copies you made are now completely yours and you can edit those templates as you like to fit your needs. 

Here is the button to make a copy in your personal tab:

If you wish to copy a folder and all its templates, hover the folder and click the ⋯ button.

The library is a work in progress. We intend to improve the templates regularly, and your feedback is much needed here! Also, we are looking for new templates ideas. 😉

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