Adding a Dropdown

Dropdowns and Multi-select dropdowns are fields containing a list of choices. 


A dropdown is useful when you need to select a single choice from a list of options, like selecting among a list of antibiotics or the intensity of a symptom.

To select a choice, press the "" symbol to unfold the list, then click on the choice you want.

Add a dropdown in a template using the toolbar button:

A empty dropdown field will appear at the cursor's position in the template:

Type the first choice of your dropdown. Then, press "Enter" or click "+ Add choice" to add more choices.

When you are satisfied with the list of choices, you can choose to pre-select one of them:

You can also use the buttons to reorder the choices, or delete a choice.

Multi-Select Dropdown

With a multi-select dropdown, you have the ability to choose multiple options, like a list of symptoms.

Add a multi-select dropdown from the button in the toolbar:

Adding choices to the list is similar to the dropdown field, as explained previously ☝️.

Choices will appear separated with a comma in your note.

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